Blessed Sounds

Blessed Sounds

In life, I believe we need experiences to let us know how we are doing. In other words, to measure our levels of success. What is success? Is it for the individual or for society? Maybe its for personal growth and part of our evolution. Im gonna go with that.

So here is a photo of myself with Eileen Ivers. Eileen has credits in music (fiddle) that range from being signed to Sony, Touring with River Dance, and Winning a Grammy! I feel so honored that I will be featured on two of her tracks on the new record she will be releasing soon.

I felt my ability to create and be part of creative projects has just gotten to the next level. I am looking forward to the release of this album! You can check out some her amazing music on Spotify!!


MIchelle Deangelis is a Pianist, singer, songwriter, pipe organist, Uke PLayer, Mom, animal lover, food lover, and all things beautiful in life.

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