No Expectations = Freedom in Experience

No Expectations = Freedom in Experience

We took a trip to the Poconos. Both of us never have been there and we had no clue what we were going to do.

There was so many wonderful moments on this trip.  Two highlights were Bushkills Falls and Paws & Claws.

Bushkill falls consisted of 8 waterfalls and over 1000 stairs to climb through the forest along the Delaware River Gap. Talk about peaceful.  There surprisingly were a lot of people there. We walked and hiked for over two hours.

The following day we went up the mountain to Claws and Paws. This is a zoo that allows you to get very close with the animals. From Wolves, to Lions, I was excited at being so close to many wild cats. I fed a Giraffe named Jethro, and had birds from Australia eating out of my hands.  We spent all day walking in amazement through the zoo in the woods.

It was about time to leave only we realized that there was no cellphone service, no taxis, and no ubers 30 miles up the mountain.  Well we got lucky with an ANGEL who came to our rescue.  The man who makes all the animal enclosures, the Husband of one of the animal keepers, and 76 years old, was available to drive us home in his yellow Volkswagen Beatle.



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