This Man is Charles Perry.  I had the amazing opportunity to attend his vocal workshop yesterday in NYC.   This was the second time I had attended one of his classes.  The first one I cried and I cried here too but not as much. I will explain further.

Here is a profession amazing singer who can technically show you what a real singer can do.  He has sang on Broadway and for Disney, has done remixes with one of my favorite dance producers Tiesto,  one of my favorite producers of all time, David Foster, as well as backgrounds for my favorite female singer of all time Whitney Huston!!!  And so much more!! He also has a gift of teaching, with a spin.

This workshop is more than singing.  It incorporates the ideas of GOD inside of yourself and how to understand your own gifts and powers.  Charles uses his knowledge of God and his spirituality to bring music out of people who might feel their talents have been pushed aside.  He speaks of his own struggles and allows you to get closer to his personality and that makes you feel more accepting of your own trials.  He makes you believe that in a short time anything can happen if you believe in GOD and the power of the Universe.

The first time I attended his class was over 6 months ago. At that time I was going through so many changes, hurts, pains, and moving towards happiness and love.   The energy and prayer moved so many to tears including myself. I realized I was no different than anyone in that room and that we were all struggling…even the People who have made it further in their journey.

Yesterday, I attended the class with excitement for myself and how far I came even from the last time. It was a group of about 15 people all there to expand and learn and grow! wow so special!!   This time, I only shed a few tears!!!  I know its the energy of sadness and that its okay to cry in front of strangers!!! That is an experience in itself! If you can’t cry how can you sing!?!?!?!  I love this so much!!!!!! how can you share yourself singing and music if you are afraid of experiences each others ups and downs and being okay with not being strong every second!!!?

Being Open sometimes is scary! I have been working on overcoming my fears this year and losing 50 pounds and becoming a vegan was my first eye opener.  This class has been one of those eye openers. Charles has been already such a positive and forceful energy for my mind and soul.

I am so excited for my future and the future of others who attended this class.  I know i left there feeling like I could conquer myself by believe in myself and the God in me.  Thank you Charles for your special gifts and sharing them with others!!!




MIchelle Deangelis is a Pianist, singer, songwriter, pipe organist, Uke PLayer, Mom, animal lover, food lover, and all things beautiful in life.

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