Waiting for Spring

Waiting for Spring

Every year in the east coast of the United States, people wait patiently for the arrival of spring.  Spring is like the trigger for so many to suddenly be happy.  The sun is closer and people start to smile.  We come out of hibernation wearing new clothing and great each other with better attitudes.  Everything seems more alive when nature rebirths herself. This proves in my mind that Mother Earth and her protection is so important to the well being and mental health of our world.

I am working on new habits such as waking up earlier.  I also open my windows right away.  I light incense.  I look at the colors outside.  Even on a gloomy day, finding different colors in trees and the sky can lift my mood.  It is possible to do small things  to make you feel good even on days when you feel like crap.

So I propose this.  Well for myself and maybe it will help you as well.  Regardless of what is happening around me, I will be happy!  I won’t wait for Spring to Arrive to smile!!!  Just by holding a smile on your face for more than 10 seconds, will cause you to laugh at yourself.  And Laughing is Medicine.

So regardless of what is around, try it with me.  Smile.


Photo taken at The New York Botanical Gardens

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MIchelle Deangelis is a Pianist, singer, songwriter, pipe organist, Uke PLayer, Mom, animal lover, food lover, and all things beautiful in life.

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