“Drum Art” with professional Drummer Tendell “Buzz” Bird.

“Drum Art” with professional Drummer Tendell “Buzz” Bird.

On Saturday I was a part of recording and documenting a drum video. The star of the video is Tendell Bird, Drummer, Artist and semi pro skate boarder.  Check out below this little interview with the artist. 

When did you start playing drums?

Tendell: 7 years old in church, my mom taught me.  I was playing on pots and pans around 4 years old. 

What was your favorite music to play on drums growing up?

Tendell: Gospel, but one song in particular by Tremain Hawkins called “I am set free.”

Where did you grow up?

Tendell: Brookyn, Bedford-Stuyvesant

Tell me something you did for fun as a kid?

Tendell: Listen to music, play with my WWF wrestling dolls, Transformers, GI Joe,and Thundercats. I had a wild imagination.  I had a teddy bear and his thumb went in his mouth, and I took him everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean everywhere. 

What was your first big gig playing drums?

Tendell: First big gig was with Sara Frimm. It was a few thousand people.  Then from there, I was with Dru Hill, and then I was into other kinds of music, so Jessica Simson was the start of the pop thing. 

What was the size of your biggest audience?

Tendell: Oh shit. I think like 75 or 80 Thousand People. 

What your most favorite gig as a drummer?

Tendell: Well the most favorite where I felt I could be myself was with Ninjasonik and The Dust Daughters.

What was your least favorite?

Tendell: FeFe Dobson. It just wasn’t as exciting as the others.  I like to have fun. 

What are you working on for this year so far?

Tendell: Recording with The DeathSet building custom snare drums, learning bass, and I just finished Coaching a well known Beat Boxer, whos about to make it big as an actor too. 

You Skateboard?

Tendell: Yes. I started when I was mid 20’s. I met up with some cool kids from long island and Brooklyn. We would skate and do tricks and stuff.  There is a skate place indoors in Brooklyn called Homage. We used to skate in there. Mostly Skate indoors.  I really liked DC shoes and wore all their clothing and I was playing in Cali and a lady who was a representative, wanted my name and number and they gave me an endorsement. 

Did you skate in competitions?

Tendell: 3 but I didn’t win. I came in like 5th place. 

How has becoming a musician changed your life?

Tendell: Well its, led me to explore different genres of music, it kept me out of trouble, it made room for me, being that I traveled in many countries and it brought me cool things like endorsements, and I met some really cool people including my amazing girl friend, through music. 

Why is your Nickname Buzz?

Tendell: One of my friends used to call me Buzzard. I was into everything and I was all over the place. I was like a busy body. I had skate shoes on I was zooming all over the place.  I just took away the ard. and everyone started calling me Buzz. 


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