The makings of the mind 

The makings of the mind 

I am on the plane. I’m reading this book i started but since I read many things at once I have never had the chance to dive deep into “manifesting made easy”.

Now I’m obsessed with the subject and idea that if can think it, you can achieve it.  I’m working hard at changing my thoughts about myself and my world around me. I’m working hard at understanding all the powers that I already posses can make me into my greatest self.   

It’s over 100 Degrees here in Las Vegas. I am here visit and staying with friends. I decide to make lunch for everyone from whatever they have here in the refrigerator.  And then the idea comes. A cook book for the creative person.  And Viola!!!!  So begins The Two L Michelle Company.  Thinking ideas only shall apply.

Ideas for growth are everywhere!


MIchelle Deangelis is a Pianist, singer, songwriter, pipe organist, Uke PLayer, Mom, animal lover, food lover, and all things beautiful in life.

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