The Day I chose to do nothing.

The Day I chose to do nothing.

Can nothing lead to something? Have you heard the theory of anti-matter? According to some physicists,  anti matter is a universe that cycles between anti matter and matter creating and destroying particles.  Honestly I really don’t know much about physics but I think there is a strong connection between things we can not see and how we exist on this earth.  ( if you want to read about this stuff that I can’t fully understand, try THIS LINK

I have experienced in my life that doing nothing in particular can lead to circumstances which are not always explainable. Both negative and positive experiences can occur depending on what your nothing is.

Today I had a meeting in NYC with a producer/musician who is interested in working on my material.  What was interesting about this meeting was the producer was a vegan. I have been trying for about a year to live a more clean lifestyle.  I had mentioned to my boyfriend about eating at more vegan restaurants.  In past week, I have now eaten at two vegan restaurants.

Afterwords I decided to roam around with nothing in my mind.  I passed by a church and deiced to go inside to look at the organ. I love pipe organs! They happened to be remodeling the organ, so i just sat in silence for a moment.  In my silence I said a prayer.  I was waiting to speak to something about a pay check I was waiting for for quite some time, and in that moment I got a phone call from that person.

So I wondered some more.  I decided to stop and listen to some Broadway Musicians who happened to be playing on 44th street.  As I was listening to them play Summertime, I looked on FB to find that my former musical director  where I worked as an accompanist, was on the same street! I was really happy to see her.  We became good friends after working together for five years  and I hadn’t seen her in sometime.

So what is the meaning of these events? I always ask myself what is happening in my life.  I always have this feeling that there are things we don’t understand.  There is an anti-matter/ matter to our lives.  There is a cycle.  And If we can understand the cycle, then can we alter it?  I hope for the greater good of all humanity that we can.




MIchelle Deangelis is a Pianist, singer, songwriter, pipe organist, Uke PLayer, Mom, animal lover, food lover, and all things beautiful in life.

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