Childhood Bug Lover

Childhood Bug Lover

When I was a kid I loved bugs.  I don’t know why but turning over rocks to see what was underneath was a great excitement.  I used to collect centipedes, put them in a plastic toy cooking pot, and examine them underneath a magnifying glass.
I also loved snails and slugs.  The one in my front yard had names.  When it rained, I would move the slugs away from the sidewalk so nobody could squash them.

You could say  my love for nature began very early on.  I remember years ago thinking  to myself and occasionally saying out loud  “if I wasn’t a musician I would love to take photos for National Geographic”.  So here I am taking photos…for my Blog.  Well, its the next best thing right?! Amazing.

Heron is a fish eating bird with the ability to stand perfectly still for a long time. They beat me in the patience department.

These shots came from Congers Lake Memorial Park.  A very pretty lake that you can walk around the perimeter on a nice path/boardwalk. Also a place where I saw people fishing and riding things with wheels.  Congers Lake Memorial Park

I told you I love bugs too right?



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